Sunday, March 8, 2015

Smokey Shott Clueless About Net Neutrality

Our local newspaper, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, employs a Glenn Beck wannabe to "write" a Thursday column. This waste of good page space is an endless rant against government overreach, Democrats, liberals in general, the EPA and Barack Obama. Most of the time, James "Smokey" Shott (who is published only because his family founded the paper decades ago) relies on the Heritage Foundation and other right wing sites for the supposed facts he references.

His most recent kook-rant was an anguished hand-wringing over the FCC's net neutrality vote. According to Shott, net neutrality will be the downfall of the Internet - read his tear-filled meltdown here.

After I got over my laughing fit, I fired off a letter to the editor and took Shott to school on various points he mentioned in his weepy column. Of course, it came as no surprise to me when it never appeared in the paper's print edition or online.