Sunday, October 18, 2015

Republicans Again Reap What They Sow

Attention, America! The GOP has finally created a job in this country, something they've been promising since the 2014 elections gave them control of both Houses of Congress.

The problem is, the job happens to be for Speaker of the House, and no one seems to want it.

Some time ago, I wrote about how the Donald Trump debacle was largely the creation of the Republican Party. The same can be said about the current crisis of conservative leadership now found on the Hill.

John Boehner is leaving in disgust the position he so much wanted, his vision of bringing the various disparate elements of his party together blown to rags by some of the very factions he sought to unite. In fact, he's so fed up he's leaving the House of Representatives altogether.

And after he's gone? Apparently, there's no one waiting in the wings who is really willing to take on a job where essentially, the poor soul who inherits it has no chance of getting anything meaningful done.

They do, however, have every chance of being turned upon and devoured by those in the GOP who believe in unyielding, confrontational non-compromise on every important issue of the day.

How did this radical, far right bunch, small in number but vocal and powerful in their opposition to anything and everything that doesn't suit their agenda perfectly, come to power? Very simple: they campaigned on the same old promises Republicans have made - and failed to deliver upon - for decades.

Smaller government? Didn't happen. Abortion? Still legal. Social programs? Still around. And to make things even worse, those pesky gays and lesbians can now marry. Oh, the horror!

The Tea Party crowd merely mouthed the same tired mantras uttered by those they now seek to hound out of office or bend to their will. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, but a lot more angry and confrontational.

The biggest problem with the Tea Partiers and their attendant hangers-on and splinter groups is that absolutely none of them believe in being the least bit flexible when it comes to actually governing. Governing, however, is all about compromise.

Unfortunately, the radicals who have hijacked the Republican Party consider settling for anything other than a theocratic anarcho-capitalist society where everything is privatized, children learn about Genesis in biology class, the EPA doesn't exist and everyone agrees that arming the masses with AK-47’s is a great thing, to be "caving in" to their enemies.

Boehner recently announced that due to his party's inability to choose a successor to the Speakership, he would stay on until the job is filled.

In other words, John Boehner is going to remain Speaker of the House for quite some time to come. I don't believe he'll really do much other than keep the seat warm for the next guy - if the Republican Party can find anyone who's enough of a masochist to really want the job.

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