Tuesday, October 20, 2015

West Virginia AG Morrisey Hires Political Operative

West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey
Just when you thought West Virginia's Republican leadership couldn't get any cheesier...

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has created a new position of Deputy Chief of Staff (although he doesn't even have a full Chief of Staff) and filled it with one Lance James Henderson.

What are Henderson's qualifications to oversee the state's largest legal firm, namely the office of the Attorney General? None whatsoever - he's never practiced law and has absolutely no legal background.

Henderson has been a campaign consultant to politicians for the past 25 years, specializing in field operations and building voter databases. Politicians and their campaign operatives use the voter files to track vote habits and urge likely voters to support specific candidates and go to the polls.

Morrisey never advertised the deputy chief of staff position on the attorney general’s website or on conservativejobs.com — two places where his office typically posts job openings.

The Attorney General eliminated an investigator’s job in his Consumer Protection Division to make way for Henderson’s job, personnel records show. Half of Henderson’s $99,500 salary will be paid with monies from the attorney general’s Consumer Protection Recovery Fund, which finances consumer protection activities.

In other words, West Virginia taxpayers are going to foot the bill for Henderson's salary.

Morrisey's office claims that Mr. Henderson will be handling scheduling and communications and will not be supervising lawyers.

I say bullshit. From past actions, including spending $70,000 worth of taxpayer money on a supposed electronic town-hall phone system (which will essentially let him spam-dial potential voters), and hiring House Speaker Tim Armstead's daughter as his "special assistant", Morrisey has shown that he's untrustworthy and unethical.

Full article about Morrisey's recent hire can be found here.

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  1. Rut roh! It looks like the power of the press strikes again. Just a few days after the Charleston Gazette Mail published their story (link is above in my blog post), Henderson has decided to step down. http://www.wvgazettemail.com/article/20151021/GZ01/151029882/1419


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