Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ben Carson Isn't Fit to Be President

If presidential candidate Ben Carson was still active in the medical profession, he’d need a special sign to hang on his office door during lunch breaks:

“Sorry, the doctor is out. Way, way out. So far out he could have starred on the old television show, Lost in Space.”

There are a lot of people vying to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. So, it’s hard to rise above the crowd and be noticed. Some of these candidates have decided the best way to get attention is to say the craziest things they can think of.

Ted Cruz is really good at talking like a nut. So is the loudest person in the bunch, Donald Trump. Mike Huckabee has a knack for it, too. When it comes to sheer lunacy, however, Dr. Carson makes the others look like pikers. Here are just a few examples of the unhinged thinking that emanates from his cranium.

  • The Biblical Joseph built the pyramids of Giza to store grain.
  • Legalized same-sex marriage will lead to bestiality and pedophila.
  • Homosexuality is a choice because some heterosexuals go to prison and come out gay.
  • President Obama could have chosen to simply ignore the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling.
  • Darwin’s theory of evolution came about as a collusion with Satan.
  • Planned Parenthood was designed to forcibly control the black population; that’s why they operate so many clinics in black neighborhoods.
  • The United States today is much like Nazi Germany, and Americans should read Mein Kampf if they want to understand President Obama’s beliefs and values.
  • God helped him pass his college chemistry final by giving him the answers in a dream.

If talking like a nut isn’t bad enough, Carson has another problem. He tells whoppers. Not slight shadings of fact, not little white lies, but blatant falsehoods.

  • Carson claims to have turned down a West Point scholarship. However, West Point is free and has no scholarship program. Carson says the offer was made by Gen. William Westmoreland, who was then the chief of staff of the Army and a recent commander of U.S. military operations in Vietnam. The Army chief of staff, however, is not eligible to nominate a student for West Point. Esquire took a long look at Carson’s West Point fable and blew it to rags.
  • Carson has described acts of violence he committed as an angry young man…everything from stabbing a classmate to smashing another boy’s face with a rock to attacking his own mother after an argument. However, friends, classmates and neighbors of the young Carson have no memory of his claimed violent temper.
  • Carson claims that other than being paid for a few speeches, he’s never had a relationship with Mannatech, a multi-level marketer and maker of nutritional supplements. However, he actually appeared in numerous commercials on behalf of the company, praising their products (and saying they helped him beat cancer) - even after Mannatech paid a multimillion dollar fine to the state of Texas for deceptive advertising.

On top of all this, Ben Carson seems to be woefully uninformed or naive about things any presidential candidate should have at least a nodding acquaintance with.

  • Carson apparently can’t tell the difference between the debt limit and the budget.
  • He believes a tax plan based on Biblical tithing will work, even though none other than Chris Wallace of Fox News pointed out why such a plan would fail.
  • Carson is unfamiliar with Israel’s political system, and thinks most of the Islamist fighters in the Syrian civil war are coming from Morocco and Europe.
  • He stated the origins of Islam can be traced to Esau, an Old Testament figure, even though Islam’s prophet Mohammed wasn’t born until nearly 600 years after the death of Jesus.

Conservatives love to dismiss the most glaring faults of any Republican candidate, as long as that candidate sticks to the time-honored game plan of attacking the biased media, blasting liberal elites and decrying intrusive government.

Dr. Carson is by all accounts a gifted neurosurgeon. He’s self-made, albeit with the help of some federal programs he would now like to do away with. He has donated much money and time to various charities. For all his failings his heart seems to be in the right place.

That place does not include the Oval Office. Ben Carson is not even remotely suitable as a potential President of the United States.

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