Saturday, May 7, 2016

Gov. Tomblin Treated Unfairly

It's rather shameful that many of our state's political and business leaders (the majority of them Republicans, naturally) crucify Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin for supposedly turning his backs on West Virginia's working people.

Tomblin knows the state can no longer depend on a mono-economy, and that those who promise another coal comeback is just around the corner are misguided or just plain lying.

The governor, and a few of our other elected officials in Charleston, have come to understand we need to look for something other than the next coal boom to fuel the state's future economy. When they mention this, though, the remnants of the coal industry, usually with Bill Raney as the mouthpiece, lash out.

It's time to invest in retraining our coal miners. It's happening in other states already. Out of work miners in Kentucky are learning how to write computer code. However,when anyone brings up the subject of retraining West Virginia miners, they're at! tacked by coal industry shills and conservative politicians.

Tomblin has always been a friend to West Virginia business. It's unfortunate that he is being condemned for thinking of the many opportunities, other than coal, that could exist for our working men and women.

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