Sunday, May 15, 2016

WV Republicans Dumbfounded by Budget Woes

When it comes to West Virginia Republicans' budget woes, the occupants of the Charleston Conservative Clown Car seem to be dumbfounded by the state's financial crisis.

They’re like bumbling surgeons with dull scalpels. Rather than work together with their Democrat colleagues and Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, they apparently want to hack away willy-nilly, damaging healthy tissue instead of zeroing in on the dead stuff.

After conservatives swept to victory in 2012, they claimed to have identified millions in wasteful state spending through a much-ballyhooed study.

Instead of eliminating this so-called waste their legislative sessions in 2015 and 2016 worried mostly about God, guns and gays. Did we get a balanced state budget? No.

Republicans blame Governor Tomblin for the lack of a budget. They conveniently forget he actually presented them with a balanced budget. They didn't like what was in it so they kicked it to the curb.

Now West Virginia taxpayers are going to have to shell out $35,000 per day that we cannot afford, for a special session to address the budget deficit.

Maybe if these conservative clowns hadn't wasted so much time obsessing over who's sleeping with who and making our mines more dangerous to work in, we'd have a budget plan.

There's a very real possibility the state will end up firing hundreds of teachers and law enforcement personnel, eliminating the PROMISE scholarship, giving the shaft to PEIA beneficiaries and closing down many state departments and essential services.

Our poor choices at the polls got us a bunch of  GOP nincompoops. They can't even get along with one another, much less the Democrats,  long enough to accomplish anything significant, even though they have the majority.

Remember in November. These jokers have had two years to prove they can run this state, and they've failed miserably.

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