Saturday, January 21, 2017

Obama's Departure Will Leave Local Writer Speechless

Every small town newspaper has a resident columnist or two. More often than not, these wannabe pundits work for free just so they have a pulpit to preach from.

Many of them have overinflated egos, so their column serves as a vehicle by which they can share their enormous (they think) wisdom with the great unwashed masses.

In my neck of the woods, we have a part-time writer whose main claim to fame is that his great-granddaddy actually founded the local paper a hundred-something years ago.

James "Smokey" Shott sounds off every Tuesday in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. The majority of his columns read like something lifted straight from the Heritage Foundation website and sprinkled with a smidgen of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

The majority of Smokey's "writing career" has consisted of demonizing liberals. and recycling conservative news -- even if the news turns out to be fake. He once blasted the EPA for wanting to regulate spilled milk, a myth that had been discounted months before he wrote about it.

Thus tt was with tears of extreme sorrow that I read Smokey's column of January 17.

Why was I sad? Because it was Smokey's last hurrah at blaming anything and everything on the Evil Obama Empire. No more will locals be able to read how Barack Obama and his minions are responsible for all the ills besetting the state of West Virginia and our great nation as a whole.

"Ah!" you cry. "The actions of the previous administration have great bearing upon how the current administration fares in governance."

Alas, this is something Smokey cannot in good conscience address, since, as he has pointed out to readers repeatedly over the last eight years, it was passing the buck to blame the Bush administration for things gone awry as the country suffered under Obama's jackbooted heel.

Thus, we must consign Smokey's January 17th screed to the dustbin of opinion writers' history as his final pontification upon the failed policies of the Kenyan Muslim college dropout usurper.

Thankfully, there is a glimmer of faint hope on the horizon. When the Trump administration begins to teeter and totter, residents of southern West Virginia will have much to look forward to as Smokey, pen in feverish hand, desperately seeks a scapegoat.

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