Sunday, February 5, 2017

Republican Hypocrisy At Its Worst

Republicans on the Hill: Spineless Hypocrites

Once upon a time - well, actually, prior to a Republican winning the White House last November - the GOP hated sweeping executive orders. Barack Obama was called a dictator; an imperial president, for issuing a string of these actions at the beginning of his presidency.

That was then; this is now. And the "now" consists of new president Donald Trump issuing 20 executive orders in less than two weeks after assuming office... with hardly a murmur from the Republican creampuffs in Congress.

Trump's latest directive, ordering the suspension of refugee resettlement in the United States and blocking entry to the United States by citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations, has been put on hold by a federal judge who questions its legality.

It's a good thing Trump can't order the judge's removal from the bench, else James Robart would find himself on the unemployment line next to former acting attorney general Sally Yates, who was fired for refusing to enforce the order.

To their credit, a handful of Republican leaders have decried the order as poorly conceived and hastily executed, including Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham. However, no Republican has stepped forward to point out the obvious hypocrisy of Donald Trump pumping out executive order after executive order, after criticizing those issued by President Obama.

There doesn't seem to be any indication that the blitz of executive orders will abate after Trump returns from his vacation in Florida. Yes, that's right, the new President, after a mere two weeks in office, is taking a vacation to recuperate from the rigors of the job.

Once upon a time, Republicans criticized the president for taking too many vacations and wasting the taxpayers' money. Again, that was then; this is now.

Trump's three day stay at his Florida residence will cost taxpayers $3 million. Most other presidents have spent short breaks like this at Camp David, which is conveniently near Washington DC but must not meet the Trump standard for opulence.

Speaking of costs to taxpayers, the Secret Service is now required to secure a separate full-time presidential residence - Trump Tower in New York City - due to first lady Melania Trump's decision to remain there with son Barron for the foreseeable future. There's not been a single complaint from Republican lawmakers about this additional burden on American taxpayers,

It's time for the conservative crowd in the halls of Congress to grow a backbone and show some consistency. The standards they applied to Barack Obama should also apply to Donald Trump.

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