Sunday, November 26, 2017

Defending Trump Means Selling Your Soul

Donald Trump is known for demanding unfettered loyalty from his friends, employees and business associates. Since moving into the White House, Trump has added yet another job requirement if you're interested in working for him. You must be willing to lie, shamelessly -- day after day, week after week, month after month.

Here's how it works. Trump lies about something, gets caught in the lie, lies again to get out of the last lie, and then dispatches an acolyte to defend him, who also ends up lying. And all this happens with a perfectly straight face on the part of everyone involved in the lying process, amid complaints that no one is treating Trump fairly (except Faux Noise, of course).

Trump's latest whopper had him turning down the opportunity to be Time Magazine's Person of the Year -- even though Time has flatly denied they made such an offer, and explained how their vetting process for that distinction actually works.

The Time tall tale is just another falsehood in a never-ending stream of falsehoods emanating from the West Wing. It's so continuous and high-volume that the public has become virtually inured to it. It's akin to mentally tuning out the irritating canned music playing in stores and restaurants.

We have become complacent in regards to Trump's nearly-daily fabrications; partially because his presidential campaign was so riddled with deception that we were pretty well softened up by the time he won the election.

What is truly depressing is how people in his orbit are dragged into the continuous cycle of disinformation. For all of their faults, people like Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, John Kelly and Rex Tillerson are more than likely inherently good people who desire to serve their country in often-thankless positions.

They end up being trotted out to face the media and repeat things they know aren't true, and to reinstate once again their belief that Trump is a great president and an all-around nice guy -- if the press would just quit picking on him, he could be super duper great.

I personally feel a bit sorry for these folks. However, my sympathy is wearing thin. No matter how lofty their original motives were in joining the Trump team, the bald fact is they are willingly giving up their personal integrity nearly every time they open their mouths.

Hopefully this is something Trump's paid handlers can learn to live with, because no matter where they may end up when this odious presidency ends, their reputations have forever been sullied.

Their words and deeds as willing participants in this horrendous administration's flood of deceit will forever damn them in the annals of American history.

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