Saturday, August 3, 2019

Goodbye, Blogger

This will be my last post to this blog, which is powered by the Google-owned Blogger platform. In the future you will find me here on a self-hosted solution using Wordpress.

When Google+ was alive those were good times for blog owners who used Blogger. Google's search engine favored G+ posts and Blogger articles in results. Posting a link to a Blogger blog article on G+ was a guarantee of hundreds or thousands of readers.

Alas, G+ is dead and Blogger seems to be merely an afterthought for Google today -- clunky, dated and relegated to the back burner.

I personally am trying to get away from feeding Google's insatiable appetite to know everything about its users. That has meant using another search engine and abandoning services such as Google Drive that I have used for many years. I even switched from Android mobile devices to an iPhone and iPad.

So, it's adios to Blogger as well. Look me up at my new home.

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